Our firm operating in the underclothing section since 1989 produces female underclothing products.

Our staff, who believe that the key to success in underchlothing sector is building up a good team and organizational work, have been serving you our precious customers. We use lace, cotton, microfibre and various poliester fabrics in our products.

Our sales staff, who believe that one of the most important principles in business life is to buy the right product from the right firm for a reasonable price, is happy to help you our customers in every possible way.

We ought not to forget that “Beauty is always hidden in details”, which beauty reflects from all over. The indispensable precision in our stitches, the sagacious decision in our fabric choice, our sensitivity in details and our close proximity with the market novelties, enable us to serve without limits and competition in our field since 1989.

While our products lead in Middle East and Arab countries, European countries, Russian Federation and Turkic Republics, we owe all this power to you our customers with a great sense of taste.

Elif Textile Products Commerce and
Industry Limited Company

Kadir Sert